Christophe Claret is rare among watchmakers in Switzerland. He is one of the few complicated movement manufacturers whose contribution is sometimes acknowledged by his high-end brand clients.

But it would be futile to try to hide Claret’s talent. Whatever the name on their dials, many watches with extreme or unusual complications can trace their origins to the ultra-modern Claret workshops in Le Locle.

Claret’s complications begin with the tourbillon, his standard escapement, and he is particularly known for his chiming and carillon watches with double-length cathedral gongs.

Claret was a natural partner for Thierry Oulevay, to develop and craft exclusive world premier timepieces. While other brands might impose restrictions, Oulevay simply wanted Claret to excel himself in originality and mechanical complexity. It was a challenge that the watchmaker could not resist.

Claret took the unusual step of becoming a partner with one of his clients and, with Oulevay, is a joint founder of Jean Dunand. Together the two men set out to astonish the world under the name of Jean Dunand Pièces Uniques.

Jean Dunand