Jean Dunand Pièces Uniques was founded in 2003 by master watchmaker Christophe Claret, Switzerland’s leading inventor and constructor of complicated movements, and horological entrepreneur Thierry Oulevay.

Their shared aim: to create advanced and unprecedented horological mechanisms as the basis for unique timepieces representing the summit of contemporary watchmaking.
The two men share a fascination for the Swiss-born artist Jean Dunand (1877–1942), one of the great craftsmen of the art deco movement, and they paid him homage by naming their new brand in his honour.

A quixotic zeal unites two men who have embarked on a journey beyond the realms of horology and into the middle kingdom that lies somewhere between science and art.
Maria Doulton Watch & Jewelry journalist

Visually sublime, the Tourbillon Orbital is a masterpiece of haute horlogerie. Timing tests indicate that the combined rotation of the tourbillon and the movement significantly improves the rate stability of the watch.

Art deco celebrated the machine age – speed, streamlining, aircraft, skyscrapers and ocean liners – to the rhythms of George Gershwin’s music, Hollywood films at their most elegant and the automobiles of Bugatti, Delage and Bucciali.
Every Jean Dunand timepiece is unique; no watch shares its materials and decoration with another. However, the styling of the watches is always consistent with the art deco ideals of simple geometries, functional design and high craftsmanship in precious materials.

Each Jean Dunand Pièce Unique crafts integral and contemporary works of art... truly unique pieces.

Jean Dunand