A true grande complication features a minute repeater, chronograph and perpetual calendar. The Jean Dunand Grande Complication has all of that and more, adding a tourbillon and retrograde calendar indications – in total,
12 complications and over 800 components!

The hope here is that the watch industry will work to uphold, not water down, the traditional definition of a grand complication. Every baseball fan knows what a grand slam is, and is thrilled to witness one. The same should be true of watch fans. That way, when a grand complication appears, as one from Jean Dunand did this year, it can be hailed as something truly rare and grand.
Joe Thompson Editor 'WatchTime'

The minute repeater is the most technically difficult of the great classic complications. Push the lever in the case band and the hammers strike gongs, sounding out the time to the minute with crystalline chimes.

Visually sublime, the Tourbillon Orbital is a masterpiece of haute horlogerie. Timing tests indicate that the combined rotation of the tourbillon and the movement significantly improves the rate stability of the watch.

The superbly crafted one-minute tourbillon features a balance with a Breguet overcoil, while an isolation device disconnects the chronograph split-seconds hand from the movement when stopped, and an innovative shock-proof bearing equalizes the amplitude of the balance in different positions.

The open side of the movement reveals the fine hand-finish of the chronograph steelwork. The chronograph and split seconds are controlled by two visible column wheels, while the perpetual calendar with retrograde dates and days computes the varying days in the months and February 29 each leap year.

As with every Jean Dunand timepiece, each Grande Complication is a unique piece.

Jean Dunand