The Tourbillon Orbital features an extraordinary one-minute flying tourbillon that orbits the dial once per hour on a patented revolving movement, a novel power reserve indicator in the case band and moon phase on the caseback.

Visually sublime, the Tourbillon Orbital is a masterpiece of haute horlogerie. Timing tests indicate that the combined rotation of the tourbillon and the movement significantly improves the rate stability of the watch.

Here the rarest and most unexpected materials, anachronistic craftsmanship and unheard of complications find a place to flourish far from commercial pressures and the noise generated by the machines of mass luxury.
Maria Doulton Watch & Jewelry journalist

It took Christophe Claret two years to solve the challenge of winding and setting a constantly rotating movement and mainspring barrel with an innovative folding key set vertically into the movement’s central axis that both winds the mainspring and sets the time.

The absence of a crown facilitated a fascinating lateral view of the revolving mechanisms through two windows in the case band. The secret of statically indicating the power reserve of a constantly moving barrel is patented, while the dial is a revolving canvas displaying the world’s best art, craft and natural materials.

As with every Jean Dunand timepiece, each Tourbillon Orbital is a unique piece.

Jean Dunand